You might recognize the name from ABC’s Shark Tank when owner and founder, Lani Lazzari introduced her brand to the sharks. We’re so excited to carry her line of all-natural body and facial scrubs especially formulated for sensitive skin! Using only ingredients of the highest quality and aiming to deliver the best customer satisfaction possible, Simple Sugars brand all-natural scrubs are a great compliment to our Sugaring Hair Removal services to stay exfoliated and hydrated in between treatments or just because you love to have smooth skin.

A combination of our very own soaps and moisturizers are hand-crafted just for us and available only at Green City. All-natural and organic ingredients, along with sustainable packaging and a cold processed approach, provides an affordable luxury that’s not only beneficial for the skin, but the planet too! Experience the many benefits of gently cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin with our naturally, luxurious products. Also available is a collection of accessories for use in the shower, bath or anytime you feel like bringing the spa experience home.


Built on the philosophy that every woman deserves to feel safe, valuable and beautiful, this organic skin care company is changing the way we think about natural, simplistic beauty. Certified Organic Cupuasu Butter serves as the key ingredient for this unique, organic waterless skin care collection. The luxurious butter, which is harvested sustainably, possesses a high capacity for water absorption giving it superior moisturizing properties. Unparalleled emolliency actively restores elasticity to your skin and softens the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. The line of effective, lush, oil-based products deliver exceptional benefits, leaving skin soft, youthful and beautiful.


Sun protection is one of those things we feel you should never leave home without, so naturally we’re obsessed with expressing the importance of using it daily! We’ve spent countless hours searching for one of the best. TIZO brand sunscreen is appropriate for all skin types, but formulated specifically to address the needs of even the most sensitive skin types. It won’t irritate or sting and provides sun protection without the use of chemical filters, oils, fragrances or dies. This mineral based formula is available in several variations, including an Age-Defying Fusion that prevents skin-aging, dark spots, lines and wrinkles. All are available for purchase in store at Green City.


While we aim to be as natural as possible, there are instances where professional products are a necessity for some clients to achieve certain desired results. Therefore, we searched high and low to find a brand that we felt comfortable not only using ourselves, but recommending to others interested in achieving and maintaining beautifully, balanced skin. Developed at Fox Chase Cancer Center, MEG21 is a ground-breaking treatment proven to prevent glycation and reduce the signs of aging. That’s the last thing the team of diabetes researchers were expecting! MEG21 fights against the glycation process to reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and free radicals to return skin to its natural beauty.

Embraced by leading health coaches, nutritionists, herbalists, naturalists, physicians, and New York Times bestselling authors for a dedication to pure, effective ingredients free of harsh chemicals, Annmarie Gianni is one of our absolute favorite brands. These earth, mind, and body conscious products are somewhat addicting. From nutrient rich oils to healing and hydrating serums, Annmarie Skin Care is honest, wild, and leading the charge in natural beauty.

Handcrafted with love in Oregon, Qi Qi Naturals products never contain harsh preservatives, parabens, or dyes. Ingredients are fresh, locally and sustain-ably sourced, certified organic and fair trade. Made to order for us in small batches, Green City Beauty is lucky enough to work with this conscientious line of skin care products, offering our clients an option for smooth, glowing skin naturally.