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Affordable Skin Care

Botanical Ingredients and Soothing Facial Techniques lead to Glowing Skin in Philadelphia, PA

By using rich botanical ingredients, achieving glowing skin comes naturally.  For conscious clients appreciating all-natural and organic product lines, finding the right facial in Philadelphia just got easier.  Start with our signature “Sweet City” and add an enhancing mask for a truly customized experience.

Skin Care

Enhancing Masks


A combination of soothing and relaxing or energizing and purifying herbs and botanicals is customized to address any number of individual concerns according to skin type – think lavender, calendula and chamomile to name just a few.

Herbal Eye Zone

Caffeine rich, full of energy, and soothing all at the same time, this treatment is great for tired, puffy eyes or dark circles.  A 6-point massage and tea soaked compress address the entire orbital area to encourage lymphatic drainage, relax the mind, and relieve the day-to-day stressors.

Yogurt & Honey

Skin will enjoy all the yummy benefits that honey offers for a number of skin conditions along with the addition of the gentle, soothing effects of a cooling yogurt mask.  Yogurt also delivers naturally occurring lactic acid for a glowing, smooth complexion.


Enhancing Masks

Manuka Honey

As a natural humectant, honey has many skin benefits.  From sensitive to oily or problematic conditions, the Manuka Honey Mask can be formulated to meet individual needs.  On its own or with the addition of organic milk powder, like in our Milk & Honey Mask, gentle cleansers, or nutrient rich oils, clients can experience a range of clarifying, brightening, or ultra-moisturizing hydration.  This mask is a must for our true all-natural enthusiasts.


Berries & Enzymes

Honey, royal jelly, and blueberry make this a powerful tool that addresses a number of skin care conditions.  This mask is 100% organic, raw, smells good enough to eat, and a sweet treat skin will love.


If you don’t see something you like on our list, make your own.  This option suits clients who have very targeted needs and allows us to create a uniquely effective treatment.