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High Quality Ingredients with Affordable, Customized Skin Care Results

Choosing the right option for individual skin type serves as the foundation for our affordable skin care treatments.  Indulge in the refreshing benefits of our services that assist the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate new, healthy skin.  Our menu offers affordable skin care solutions ensuring that smooth and glowing skin is always in through a dedication to the highest quality plant-based, vegan, and clinically proven ingredients.

Lay back, Relax, and Enjoy the Glow.

Signature Facials

Green City Glow                                                                      $90

Using only wild-crafted ingredients, our signature all-organic facial preserves the radiant look of healthy skin while incorporating powerful plant-based benefits and serves as our routine recommendation for a balanced skin care regimen.  The cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing steps of this facial provide just the right TLC regardless of skin type.

Radiant                                                                                    $90

Yearning for a dewy, younger, and healthier look? With organic, raw, and unrefined whole plant-based ingredients sourced from artisan farms, the results and purity of the Radiant facial are unparalleled.  Enjoy a true nurturing facial experience with a rich blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and herbal nutrients working in harmony with the body’s natural skin replenishing process.

Holistic Harmony                                                                    $90

Indulge in pure bliss with some of Earth’s most natural resources with an Ayurvedic approach that balances both mind and body.  Skin is revived and replenished through exfoliation, pressure point massage, and a re-mineralizing masque, while your spirit is returned to a state of peace and well-being.  The Holistic Harmony facial is a must for anyone needing to reset and realign mind and body.

Vegan Moon & Earth                                                               $90

We are over the moon for this ultra-hydrating experience using one of our local favorites, Me and the Girls Moon cream.  The star ingredient, exotic cupuacu butter, hails from the Brazilian Amazon delivering intense moisture to dehydrated skin.  Along with a nutrient rich blend of other vegan skin care treats, this facial is sure to get you glowing and perfect for out true plant based enthusiasts.  All plants, no chemicals; Win, win!

Sweet City                                                                                $60

Go on and get your glow.  Sugar isn’t just the signature ingredient in our hair removal services; we also use it as one of the most natural forms of gentle exfoliation.  Indulge in this sweet treat courtesy of an all-natural, gentle sugar scrub specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  Our tiny tune-up goes a long way and combines the importance of thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating with a mini-massage and a moisturizing finish.   Add an enhancing mask to further customize this affordable skin care experience.

Rejuvenating                                                                            $90

Our most luxurious facial of all.  Skin is rejuvenated using some of the best plant based ingredients science and nature have to offer.  Extracts, oils, and essences of pure, whole plants offer the highest level of healing and regeneration available to the skin.  Stimulating and supporting the body’s own healing process with a potent blend of active ingredients, the Rejuvenating facial provides the anti-inflammatory effect needed to transform skin health.  Absolute purity and zero toxicity make this facial our most luxurious of all.

Body Treatments

Beautifying Back                                                                      $90

We have your back’s best interest in mind.  Combining all of the great cleansing and exfoliating features of a facial with the benefits of a relaxing massage creates a complete spa experience for the back that men and woman alike are sure to appreciate.  Moist heat and steam help stimulate the skin’s surface to assist its natural purification process, while a combination of botanicals, clay, and plant extracts offer restorative hydration with nourishing vitamins and minerals.  The back treatment includes extractions for hard to reach blemishes and moisturizers to care for areas that may be rarely indulged.

Illuminating Body Scrub                                                           $75

Enjoy the sweet luxury of all-natural exfoliation using the same sugar scrub as our Sweet City Facial.  Or for an even more unique experience, select our all-natural, chemical free scrub performed with Himalayan salts.  Whether you choose the sweet benefits of sugar exfoliation or prefer the effects of purifying salts, the Illuminating Body Scrub delivers full body exfoliation followed by a warm oil massage.  Opting for the addition of a custom mask allows for this service to conclude with the body wrapped in a basil infused creamy, butter moisturizer and insulated blanket for deep product penetration, followed by a light scalp massage for total relaxation.  This service on its own or with the addition of the custom basil infused body wrap is a must for anyone needing a little R & R from head to toe.