Who Shouldn’t Sugar

Important Information

Just like other forms of hair removal services, sugaring comes with certain precautions. The process is contraindicated with certain medications use, including:

+ Topical Retinoids or Vitamin C (Facial Sugaring)
+ Steroids
+ Prednisone
+ Accutane
+ Hydro cortisone

Recent or current AHA use, mild chemical peeling and microdermabrasion require at least one week of discontinued use prior to scheduling a sugaring appointment. Clients should also avoid sun-tanning for 48 hours before or after treatment.

Certain medical or other conditions serve as contraindications as well. All clients must complete a Consultation Form prior to an appointment so that an esthetician can determine the appropriateness of the service based on individual client history. It is important to notify our staff of any changes that might preclude a client from receiving a salon treatment. Refer to the list below of physical contraindications:

+ Bruising in the areas to be Sugared
+ Swelling
+ Skin Rashes
+ Skin Tags
+ Open Sores
+ Infectious or Contagious Disease
+ Sunburns
+ Raised Varicose Veins
+ Phlebitis
+ Psoriasis
+ Raised Moles
+ Beards
+ Cold Sores
+ Cancer Patients (only with Physician consent)
+ Hemophilia
+ Hepatitis
+ Fever
+ Under the influence of Alcohol
+ Neuralgia