Sugaring vs Waxing in Philadelphia

Sugaring vs Waxing in Philadelphia

Professional body sugaring has been a popular option in Los Angeles, New York City, and abroad for its superior results.  And now, it’s available right here in Philadelphia!  As one of the best natural alternatives to abrasive options like waxing offered by other Philly salons, sugaring is especially beneficial for delicate areas of the body such as the client favorite Brazilian and eyebrow services.

So why are we so excited about sugaring?  Is there really a difference between sugaring and waxing for hair removal from all areas of the body?  Our answer is a dramatic YES!  And, we use only the best organic ingredients offering Philadelphia a pure and natural option that’s great for sensitive facial and body skin.

Yes, there’s a difference!

Some salons may offer sugar waxing, but Green City Beauty is among the only Philadelphia salons offering the ancient form of sugaring hair removal. Unlike waxing, there are no sticks or strips and the sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells. It’s never hot and limits the risk of abrasion while acting as a form of exfoliation since only dead skin cells are removed.  Licensed professionals with advanced training perform each service, so skin is left soft, smooth, and at its best.

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Join other loyal Green City Beauty clients from Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs and try professional body sugaring for the best Brazilian and eyebrow waxing alternatives! Any of our Philly salon’s estheticians are happy to schedule your first or next Brazilian, bikini, eyebrow, underarm, or other body sugaring service.