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High Quality Ingredients with Affordable, Customized Skin Care Results

Choosing the right option for individual skin type serves as the foundation for our affordable skin care treatments in our Philadelphia salon. Indulge in the refreshing benefits of our services that assist the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate new, healthy skin. Our menu offers affordable skin care solutions ensuring that smooth and glowing skin is always in.


Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy the Glow.


Signature Facials


Ideal for dry, mature, normal, or sun-damaged skin, this facial packs some serious flower power. A rich blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and organic, natural botanicals and extracts work in harmony with the body’s skin replenishing process to deliver a truly nurturing experience.


Created specifically for sensitive skin, this facial reduces redness and inflammation, cleanses impurities and hydrates in the most soothing way possible. Felt-like facial towels and a combination of ultra-calming ingredients improve skin health naturally for lasting comfort and relief.


Skip harsh chemicals and acids and detoxify skin while nourishing it. As an alternative to chemical-based peels, this potent exfoliating treatment rescues skin with a mask of natural and organically sourced ingredients. Particularly great for oily or congested skin, this facial deeply cleans and refines pores without over-drying, but can also be enjoyed by anyone with environmentally damaged, combination, or normal skin looking for a refreshed, balanced complexion.


Great for any skin type, this tiny tune-up goes a long way by combing a thorough cleanse and exfoliation with a mini facial massage and a moisturizing finish. It’s our “tiniest” facial, but loaded with antioxidants that deliver a sweet treat for skin needing a little TLC. Add an enhancing mask to further customize the experience.


Versatile and designed for a wide range of skin types, the combination of potent enzymes and active ingredients in this facial stimulate and support the body’s own regenerative process. With absolute purity, zero toxicity and powerful anti-inflammatory results, skin is transformed and rejuvenated.


Normal, combination, oily, problematic, and acne prone skin types can all benefit from a unique blend of highly concentrated pure vegan ingredients. Naturally sourced Vitamin C, vegan hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and antioxidants deliver powerful skin refining results. Brighten, smooth, reduce breakouts and protect from free radical damage with this effective facial.



Men and women alike appreciate this facial-like experience for an often-overlooked area. A deep cleanse and exfoliation help rid impurities and dead skin, while a selection of either a hydrating or purifying mask prepares the skin for a warm oil massage. This treatment is great for clearing problematic or acne prone skin, or for anyone just needing a little R & R.


Enjoy the sweet luxury of our all-natural exfoliating treatment compliments of purifying Himalayan salts. The Illuminating Body Scrub delivers full body exfoliation and a warm oil massage, while leaving skin feeling like silk. Opt for the addition of a custom mask to further enhance the benefits of this service as the body is wrapped in a creamy, butter moisturizer and insulated blanket for deep product penetration.


The bikini line can present challenges with ingrown hairs, bumps, and discoloration for some individuals after the hair removal process. Tend to this very sensitive and potentially problematic area with this treatment geared towards reducing inflammation, clearing impurities, extracting ingrown hairs and reducing hyperpigmentation.



The Holistic Harmony is a must for anyone needing to reset and realign. This service combines a head-to-toe treatment that harmonizes both mind and body. A soothing facial replenishes skin through exfoliation, acupressure and effective botanicals, while a relaxing massage of the arms, hands, legs and feet restores balance for skin, spirit, and well-being.

GUA SHA $125

As an ancient form of healing developed in China, Gua Sha is used to promote detoxification and healing. This treatment is performed with a jade stone in a gentle sliding motion that lifts, firms, and clears skin while releasing tension in the neck and face to improve circulation. Lymphatic flow is encouraged, stagnation is relieved, and puffiness and fluid retention is reduced. Gua Sha may show improvements for rosacea, dryness, adult acne, muscle tone and firmness. This treatment is deeply relaxing to the mind, body and spirit, leaving skin with renewed vitality, hydration, and clarity.


Developed by eastern doctors as a non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation and healing, facial reflexology is performed with a light finger pad pressure to help stimulate reflex points that may lend to improvements in circulation, acne, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, stress, and general wellbeing. The end result of this holistic treatment is deep relaxation and invigoration of skin and spirit.


Reduce inflammation and increase circulation with this effective and relaxing treatment. Caffeine rich and soothing all at the same time, the Herbal Eye Zone is great for tired, puffy eyes or dark circles. A pressure point massage and tea-soaked compress address the entire orbital area to encourage lymphatic drainage, relax the mind and leave daily stress behind. This service can be enjoyed as an enhancement to any of our facials or on its own.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality, plant-based ingredients. While some of our product partners utilize honey for its many skin care benefits, a vegan version of any of our facials is available upon request.