affordable skin care philadelphia

Affordable Skin Care

Botanical Ingredients and Soothing Facial Techniques lead to Glowing Skin in Philadelphia, PA

By using rich botanical ingredients, achieving glowing skin comes naturally.  For conscious clients appreciating all-natural and organic product lines, finding the right facial in Philadelphia just got easier.  Start with our signature “Sweet City” and add an enhancing mask for a truly customized experience.


Herbal Eye Zone

Caffeine rich and soothing all at the same time, this treatment is great for tired, puffy eyes or dark circles. A pressure point massage and tea-soaked compress address the entire orbital area to encourage lymphatic drainage, relax the mind and leave daily stress behind.

Seasonal (Yogurt & Botanicals)

Whole, fresh, and nutritious like a smoothie for your face.  Packed with vitamins, like A, C, & K, minerals, and antioxidants and perfect for any skin type.  This enhancement embraces the benefits of raw, hand-selected, handmade natural and organic botanicals and extract to nurture skin health.


Gua Sha

As an ancient form of healing developed in China, Gua Sha is used to promote detoxification and is performed with a gentle sliding motion that lifts, firms, and clears skin while releasing tension in the neck and face to improve circulation. This treatment is deeply relaxing to the mind, body and spirit, leaving skin with renewed vitality, hydration, and clarity.

Muscle Wrap

Great for sore muscles, this treatment is a little bit aromatherapy, a little bit tension reliever, and a whole lot of relaxation.  The body is massaged with an aromatherapist developed salve and then wrapped in warmth for increased effectiveness.  Add it to our Beautifying Back or Illuminating Body Scrub for a holistic approach to addressing overworked muscles.