A “Farm To Face” Approach To Skin Care

Here at Green City Beauty, our approach to skincare has always been progressive. Whether it’s infusing skin with all-natural ingredients and vitamins or creating customized solutions for all types of skin, we continue to be one innovative and forward-thinking providers of reliable skin care services in Philly. Despite a reputation […]

Why Sugaring Is A Superior Alternative to Waxing

The process of hair removal for beautification is almost as old as time itself. In ancient Egypt, it not only served as being fashionable but also existed for sanitary purposes as well. And as early as 1900 BC, the revolutionary technique of sugar waxing has been used for safe hair […]

How To Get A Fresh Start In 2018

If you’re like most people, your New Year’s resolutions motivate you towards a fresh start. If one of your resolutions is to maintain healthy skin throughout 2018, then you need to visit us at Green City Beauty, the number one all-natural skin care provider in Philly. We offer a variety […]