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Learn to Sugar with Green City Beauty

If hair removal is an essential part of your personal care, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than gentle, long-lasting, and effective — like sugaring. Sugaring was brought to Philadelphia by Green City Beauty, and for years they’ve proudly offered this superior technique to clients in search of the best waxing alternatives in Philly. Founded on the principles of bringing greener options in skin care and hair removal, thereby changing the market in Philadelphia for consumers, the company is now looking to do the same thing for industry professionals by launching its Sugaring Training Courses.

A sugar-based waxing technique has been offered at select salons as a “new” way of removing hair; however, sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that has been around since 1900 BC  in Egypt. The Green City Beauty team values the history of sugaring and is grateful to highlight this innovative hair removal technique with simple, organic ingredients.

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a natural hair removal method made from a simple mix of sugar, water, and lemon. Green City Beauty professionals apply this organic sugar paste to almost all areas of the body, from the bikini area, to eyebrows, underarms, and legs. This organic paste is much more-gentle on the skin and provides a longer lasting treatment than traditional wax. Its consistency allows it to effortlessly adhere to the hair, but does not forcefully lift the skin. Because of this, most people find that they experience less irritation and redness after their sugaring services. 

Why Sugaring Services Are A Great Option For Salons

With beauty regimens changing faster than the seasons, men and women are constantly searching for the next innovation. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to get rid of unwanted hair — there’s only a better way — sugaring. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who actually enjoys traditional wax hair removal. When clients opt for waxing, it’s likely because they’re not yet familiar with sugaring or it simply isn’t available in the area. 

Clients who opt for sugaring services are quickly satisfied with this all-natural, gentler alternative after just one session! Sure, anytime you remove hair, whether it be with wax, laser, or tweezers, you’re going to experience some sort of discomfort. However, sugaring is known to be less painful than traditional wax. It’s also more effective, with results lasting up to three to five weeks. 

Sugaring Training Courses

While so many people are still unfamiliar with the sugaring technique and its many benefits over traditional waxing, we thought, “Well, heck! Why not continue to innovate with the offering of a training program for industry professionals with hopes of continuing to spread awareness of this ancient form of hair removal that’s seeing a big resurgence all over the country.” With detailed, hands-on courses for sugaring, our goal is to teach specialists how to properly develop, apply, and promote sugaring for clients all around Philadelphia and surrounding areas!

If you or someone you know is a licensed professional or student searching for innovative alternatives to waxing techniques in Philly, that produce better results, contact Green City Beauty today! Experience our popular sugaring services or attend a training course on this ancient Egyptian method of hair removal. Call 267-209-3096 for more information.