Ashley’s Skin Story

From Irritation to Invigoration

Ashley’s adventure to unearth her very own Green City glow is inspiring. While climbing the corporate health care ladder, Ashley’s skin was perpetually inflamed and red; she wanted to get to the bottom of her unpleasant condition. Despite the various protocols and treatment plans she received from skin care and health professionals, her symptoms only intensified.

Just when she thought she had exhausted all avenues to solve her skin issues, Ashley discovered a solution through extensive research. The answer? The skin is a reflection of everything that she put into her body. By having a balanced, conscious, and holistic lifestyle, she changed everything from her breakfast to her beauty products. This change would not only become her skin’s solution, but also her professional calling.

A Sweet Solution

As her inflammation and irritation dissipated, Ashley’s interest and immersion in the beauty industry blossomed.

From researching the benefits of natural hair removal to embracing elements of a plant-based lifestyle, Ashley is living proof that one can nurture their skin back to life with natural alternatives. As Philadelphia’s sole providers and premiere body sugaring professionals, Ashley and her team at Green City Beauty seamlessly remove hair with less pain and irritation.

Goodbye gooey waxing. Hello gentle sugaring!
Be gone dead skin. Greetings glowing complexion!

Green City Beauty doesn’t simply provide standard spa services; it immerses you in a harmonious approach to skin care and wellness.