Kindred Skincare Makes It to the Shelves of Green City Beauty…

What Makes Kindred Skincare Different?

The enlightening concept of Shirin Yoku, which translates to “Forest Bathing” is the spiritual core behind Kindred Skincare Co. This Japanese practice has been studied for years producing many papers on the positive health effects of spending time with nature.  Taking inspiration from this concept, Kindred focuses on caring for the body in the most natural way with its line of chemical-free skincare products. Kindred harnesses the science behind botanicals and uses nature’s bounty to create powerful elixirs that allow your skin to find balance.

Get Familiar With Some of Our Favorite Kindred Products

Polish Cleanse is a gentle organic polishing cleanser that brightens and smooths skin. Using mango butter and green tea to moisturize, citrus peel and fig seeds to exfoliate, and coconut and castor oil to cleanse, this product leaves your skin feeling refreshed and your senses invoked.

Bâton de Soleil has got you covered, literally, for those long summer days in sun. This SPF 22, 100% organic mineral sunscreen stick, creates a chemical-free barrier that protects skin and goes on with a dewy cosmetic finish.

Kindred’s Blemish Cleanse is a perfect post-sugar aftercare solution or daily on delicate facial skin to cleanse, soothe, and refresh. This product features rosehip and tea tree oils to help reduce red spots, grape seed oil which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants for nourishment, all while rose geranium oil provides soothing support.

Struggle Breeds Success  

They say great minds think alike. After struggling with irritated, inflamed and sensitive skin, the founder of Kindred Skincare Co. decided to focus on a holistic approach to solving her skin struggles.

Working as a Textile Engineer, Frances Thrasher developed overly sensitive and allergy prone skin. Using her background in chemistry, she developed Kindred Skincare Co. products to reverse the effects of this overexposure on her skin. Following the principle of “like dissolves like,” Frances created an organic skincare line that cleanses and nurtures skin. The goal of the line is not only to cleanse and nurture but to also lift the mind, body, and spirit.

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