Professional Facials


We believe it shouldn’t be difficult to get a high quality treatment at an affordable price when it comes to facials in Philadelphia. That’s why we strive to deliver the best options regardless of personal preference. Whether seeking an all-natural or organic facial or one using scientifically proven, professional products, finding just the right facials in Philadelphia is easy at Green City.

Some of the best facials in Philadelphia can be achieved with some very simple ingredients. Our preferred line of professional products, MEG21, includes a wealth of botanical ingredients proven to be beneficial in the anti-aging process. With a complete list of solutions for whatever result a client might be trying to achieve, MEG21 has a strong scientific approach to effective, targeted treatments.

This go-to line of professional products has actually been proven to reverse the toxic effects of sugar deep down during the skin rejuvenation process. While a great option externally for naturally exfoliating dead skin cells, sugar isn’t necessarily included on the list when it comes to a diet insuring healthy skin. When ingested internally sugar wreaks havoc on the body’s ability to produce new, fresh collagen and elastin through a process called glycation. MEG21 is clinically proven to reverse the effects of glycation.