Why Sugaring Is A Superior Alternative to Waxing

The process of hair removal for beautification is almost as old as time itself. In ancient Egypt, it not only served as being fashionable but also existed for sanitary purposes as well. And as early as 1900 BC, the revolutionary technique of sugar waxing has been used for safe hair removal in many countries around the world.

What Is Sugaring?

An all-natural alternative to Brazilian waxing, sugaring has increasingly been gaining popularity in cities like New York and Los Angeles. During the procedure, a licensed professional rolls sugaring paste — made merely from sugar, lemon, and water — onto your skin and uses a flicking motion to remove the root from the hair follicles.

It’s Safer For Your Skin

Traditional hair removal wax contains chemicals, fillers, and synthetic ingredients. All these have the potential to lead to allergic reactions or worse for your skin. By comparison, all-natural sugaring paste is not only water-soluble, but it’s made from biodegradable ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water. In fact, the paste is even edible – we don’t recommend eating it howerver! It doesn’t burn, scar, or abrase the skin, like wax has the potential to do.

It’s Less Painful

Sugaring doesn’t adhere to live skin as hair removal wax does. Instead of the abrasion that typically accompanies this procedure, sugaring doesn’t adhere to skin in the same way, so a byproduct of the exfoliating nature of the paste is silky smooth skin.

The process of sugaring also removes the hair in its natural direction, leaving you with a less painful alternative to waxing, which can leave your skin inflamed and irritated. Also, since it is not hot like traditional wax, the process may be more enjoyable and less painless.

It’s Longer Lasting

Traditional wax removal methods can break hairs at the surface. Conversely, sugaring gently removes them from by their root. This not only ensures the hairs take longer to grow back, but it also offers long-term compounded benefits. As you continue to undergo sugaring treatments, it’s possible that you may see less and less unwanted hair over time.

At Green City Beauty, provide alternatives to traditional waxing in Philadelphia because we want you to look and feel your best. That’s why you should let one of our licensed professionals provide you with an all-natural, safe, and less painful way to keeping yourself looking beautiful and feeling confident.

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