A “Farm To Face” Approach To Skin Care

Our approach here at Green City Beauty has always been seen as somewhat progressive, especially for us East Coasters.  Oddly enough though, our award-winning sugaring hair removal service has been practiced for thousands of years and first originated in ancient Egypt.  Our approach to our award-winning skin care services is no different, and this summer we’re innovating even further with the introduction of an exciting new line of products and a series of fresh, seasonal specials.  What’s first on the list? It’s a green smoothie-like experience for your face that’s loaded with skin friendly ingredients.

Customized natural herbs, botanicals, and extracts allow for these products to be appreciated by any skin type.  And while they’re all let’s just say, heavenly, it’s the facial masks that are most impressive. Formulated from powerful, raw ingredients grown, hand-selected, and handmade on their organic farm in the hills of Northern California (yes really!), they create the perfect remedy for individualized skin care needs.

Why Mask?

While masking with whole, raw ingredients and handmade concoctions isn’t a new concept in skin care, it fits perfectly into our somewhat progressive approach on an age-old practice.  Ancient civilizations have been beautifying skin and encouraging a healthy complexion using things like seeds, honey, and roots found in nature for years. In middle ages, salves and rubs were common to safeguard against the harsh elements and toners were often made from spices and wine to purify skin.  Lemon juice and eggs were used for facial masks for clarifying and hydrating. In modern times, we’ve moved to more processed, synthetic, and highly manufactured ingredients for facial masking. At Green City Beauty, however, we’re looking to continue the tradition of past civilizations by keeping skin healthy and glowing with customized skincare solutions.  We believe in a Farm-to-Face approach that reinforces our belief in keeping things as natural as possible.

Benefits of Using Raw Ingredients

Just as the Farm-to-Table concept has grown in popularity for the food we eat, a similar concept can be applied to skin health.  A fresh, simplistic approach enhances the bioavailability of vital nutrients and provides unmatched levels of antioxidant activity.  Starting with raw, handmade compounds, we’ll be using a soothing goat’s milk base to create a wonderfully cooling and supportive effect on the skin.  This allows for the benefits of gentle exfoliation through the activation of naturally occurring lactic acid in the most-gentle way possible. Leafy greens high in Vitamin A provide a whole host of skin friendly benefits, including cell production and tissue development that keeps skin firm and healthy, while Vitamin K improves the elasticity of blood vessels and helps support capillaries, like the small, delicate ones found on the face.  Some actually theorize that dark circles under the eyes are intensified because of fragile under-eye capillaries that are weakened allowing increased blood flow.

Whole, fresh, and nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this experience will leave skin feeling refreshed and nurtured just the way nature intended.

At Green City Beauty, we are committed to providing custom skin care solutions through organic, healthful, and all-natural products and ingredients. To make an appointment for our seasonal skin masks, or for information about our other services like sugar waxing, call us at 267-209-3096 or visit http://www.greencitybeauty.com/.