Get Moving & Start Glowing: The Skin Benefits of Doing Yoga

You may not realize it, but your skin goes through a lot in a day and when it starts to show signs of distress many of us choose to reach for the first skin care product that we can find. While skin care products can work wonders on our skin, sometimes instead it just needs a little more love and attention. As one of the best alternatives to Philadelphia waxing salons and a pioneer in clean skin care, we believe that beauty is more than just caring for your physical appearance, it’s a holistic lifestyle that requires the nourishment of the mind, body, and spirit.

Whenever you’re ready to embark on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and glowing skin, you can always count on Green City Beauty to be there to help.  That’s why we’re so excited with the introduction of our new athletic apparel making it easy to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices like yoga into your daily routine and look cute while doing it. Whether you choose to enjoy a traditional yoga practice or want to try a more intense session like power yoga, our new muscle tanks are a comfy option while transforming skin and spirits.  Get started on a wellness journey today and start to enjoy some of these benefits!


Reduce Stress

Balancing our busy lives can be really stressful. That stress can take a toll on the health of our minds and bodies and the appearance of our skin.  Deep breathing techniques through a routine meditation and yoga practice are great options to keep you looking and feeling your best. 

Embrace the Aging Process

Aging is natural, especially for your skin. As we grow older, our skin won’t hesitate to show signs of our wisdom. A regular yoga practice helps strengthen the body’s muscles and promotes a renewed sense of spirit and well-being from the inside out.

Illuminate Skin

We all want a healthy, glowing complexion. By encouraging the flow of oxygen rich blood to vital organs and increasing circulation in the body, yoga can give dull, stressed, or tired skin a beautiful luminous glow.

Visit our salon today to check our new line of athletic tanks and casual t-shirts that are perfect for any yogi looking to get moving and start glowing. To schedule a facial or a sugar waxing at the best waxing salon in Philly call us at 267-209-3096.