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Tips to Keep Skin Glowing Through the Holidays

While the holidays are filled with lots of love and laughter with families and friends, it can be a very stressful time of year! Between the change in weather, hectic schedules, and what seems like never-ending food temptations, our bodies, especially the skin, can be put under a lot of pressure. We’ve created this list of nutrition and skin care tips to help you keep your skin looking it’s best, so you can glow all the way into the new year.

Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated this winter. Water can be a saving grace for your skin, especially if you plan on partaking in some holiday cocktails. Try adding fresh fruits like lemons or strawberries and herbs like mint and basil to give your water a little flavor. Always keep a reusable water bottle by your side, but most importantly remember to refill it! Green City Beauty founder, Ashley Richardson, even sets reminders in her phone to make sure to stop and sip.

Get Your Beauty Rest

It’s the perfect time of year to stay up all night binge watching holiday classics, right?  Wrong! Skipping out on the recommended 8 hours of sleep can have adverse effects on your health and your skin. Our bodies are pretty smart as long we don’t get in the way. A natural re-setting takes place each night – a process that allows for a certain checks and balances for our cells to rejuvenate properly. To keep your skin looking its best, try to get the proper amount of beautyrest each night. To help prevent those sleep lines by morning, swap out your regular pillowcases for silk ones as they assist in reducing friction on the face.

Snack Smart

An unhealthy diet can impact metabolism, lead to fluctuations in weight, and even prevent your organs, skin included, from functioning properly. You can still enjoy some holiday favorites without getting in the way of your daily nutrition goals by eating healthy snacks before you arrive at a holiday function. Healthy snacking can help curb your appetite so that you are not tempted to overindulge. Whip up a plant-based, nutrient-packed protein shake before you head out the door. One of our favorites is a combo of blueberry, banana, kelp, and spirulina. All play an important role in hydration, detoxification, and support for internal cell function. Sprinkle some organic granola on top for a little crunch and extra satisfaction. Don’t have time for a shake? Pack some snacks to grab on-the-go.

Healthy snacks for glowing skin:

  • Blueberries – rich in antioxidants that bind to free radicals and reduce oxidative damage
  • Dark Chocolate – 70% cacao or higher- some studies have shown great benefits of cacao’s high antioxidant component and skin protection
  • Sliced Red or Yellow Peppers – both are high in beta-carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A and uses for support and rejuvenation
  • Walnuts – a good source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3 and Omega 6 and high in both Vitamins E & C

Pamper Your Skin

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, keeping up with your skin care routine in Philly can be hard. Between the harsh winter weather and environmental pollutants, living in the City of Brotherly Love can be a bit tough on your skin. Switching to a heavier, antioxidant-rich moisturizer can help your skin combat the effects of dry winter weather on the skin. We’ve been cozying up to the nutrient-rich, plant-based, organic, science-based skin remedies from Botnia Skin Care.

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